Primary production Quality Assurance and standard practices

We offer a unique blend of quality assurance modeling systems on international, regional and local certifications and standards practices on certification and standard practices.

Welcome to Granjero DeBauer

A Multi-dimensional Agricultural Service provider based in Nigeria.

We are licensed Trainers authorized¬† by GLOBALGAP –¬† an internationally acclaimed agricultural verification body – to sign contracts, inspect, audit and issue certificate of compliance for farms and other agro-allied based organizations.

We work with farms to produce sustainably in efficient capacities that allows buyers gain the trust of producers as they supply in the right quality and quantity under the agreed upon schedules of delivery.

Our Services

Farm Assessments, Inspection and Auditing

Farm mapping and structuring

International standard compliance and conformance verification

Issuance of GFSI compliant verification certificate

Some of the things we guarantee...

Structured markets such as retailers, manufacturers, rely on defined standards to regulate trade on quality, quantity and consistency. Producers operating on this level attracts premium demand all over there world.

We build risk management practices that ensures producers are able to produce efficiently using ideal records and risk aversion systems. This helps producers runs seamless insurance policies.

Buyers are able to gain confidence through a reassuring procedural system that assures supply of produce in defined quality and quantities.

Buyers are able to gain confidence in the expectations of supplies. The Quality and quantity as expected help structure prices thereby making them bankable for future plans

Practices along the GlobalGAP systems alows producers work on sustainable and measurable practices. Producers are able to identify how to continually reduce cost of production, increase capacities and maximize output using limited resources.

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