we offer services on:

Primary farm assurance registration and verification

Consultation on export readiness


Farm structuring and modeling


Primary farm Assurance

PFA registration150,000
Localgap Number0
Inspection call
Letter of Conformance200,000 +
farm size


we offer joint booking and individual trainings on farm operations that build confidence on producers that guarantees market demands

Food safety/hygiene0
Environmental sustainability0
Integrated past management0
Record keeping and self assessment0

Ornamental plants

The ornamental plant industry is critical to the aesthetic value of communities and environments. As a standard, we offer services on Impact Data driven approach that help measure effects f parametws used against environmental sustainability

Training on ornamental plant exports0
Sales of exportable plants0
Record keeping requirement0
Lawn installation and maintenance0
Site development0

simplified! clarity in matching actions to impact. excited to grow and expand !

— Adesuwa Dare