Local GAP Course

Global Gap Primary Farm Assurance (PFA) Training

Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) training for domestic production, domestic market, regional and export markets.

A quality Assurance Verification training program. Get first-hand training on Primary farm Assurance Standard for local trade and regional Export. Training designed to help farmers, Aggregators, Processors, and manufacturers understand the technical details required to increase the efficiency Quotient of farm outputs in Quantity, Quality and Profit margins.

  • Farm Owners and Farm Managers
  • Extension Service Workers
  • Government Produce Regulatory Bodies
  • Student Researchers
  • Aggregators
  1.  Introduction to the Global Gap database – Through their 13-digit registration code, registered producers are instantly recognized in the Global GAP System.
  2. Receive a Global Gap verification letter – Upon successful completion of the course, participants are awarded a verification letter, that allows them access to the premium food market and its industries.
  3. Increase production efficiency – Global Gap provides technological truths to track and measure input/output ratios.
  4. Become GFSI Compliant – Initiate implementation strategies to become compliant with the Global Food Safety Initiative.
  5. Join a global network of agricultural practitioners – build connections with agricultural practitioners in different levels of the food production chain.
  • Farm Structure and Mapping
  • Primary Food Safety Management
  •  Integrated Pest Management
  • Production and Processing Management Practices
  • Traceability Structures
  • Record Keeping

₦ 30,000 admits 1 person

₦ 60,000 admits 2 person


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