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Agricultural Services is our Forte ...

Granjero de Bauer is a Multi-dimensional Agricultural Service provider based in Nigeria. We pride ourselves as a bridge builder between producers’ farmers and the many multi-functional market structures. We work with farms to produce sustainably in efficient capacities that allows buyers gain the trust of producers as they supply in the right quality and Quantity under the agreed schedules of delivery.

We are able to achieve this using a combined model of International Assurance standards, Local Intelligence and a hybrid of informal models that creates trust and reliance among all participating value chain actors. We understand the complex challenges faced with farmers in producing and supplying in assured capacities (Food safety, Sustainability, traceability, etc.). Just as buyers find it difficult to rely on the unstable nature of commodity supply in volumes and prices

With this intervention, we lead in bridging the knowledge gaps in farm producers, this allows the growth of confidence with is being produced as producers become more bankable and buyers become more assured of the quality and quantity bought for:

Retail Markets

Manufacturing and processing

Restaurants and food business operators

Export markets

And other forms of structured Markets

We are licensed Trainers with GLOBALGAP and a VERIFICATION BODY authorized to sign contracts, inspect, Audit and issue out Conformance letters (A local based Certificate of compliance by GLOBALGAP)